Hat nichts zu bedeuten, kostet halt nur Leben

Ich bin Susa,
ich bin 24 Jahre alt und Philosophiestudentin.
Ich mache wahnsinnig dumme Witze,
aber auch grandiose.
Manchmal tanze ich auf Straßen und manchmal bin ich unsichtbar.
Ich schreibe.





Do you ever just smell an old perfume, or hear an old song, or pass an old hangout spot and kinda break inside for a couple minutes?
Reyna Biddy 

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Halt dein Wort oder deine Fresse.


Usually our mailbox is just filled with a boring assortment of bills, catalogs, and the occasional SportsClips coupon (which I could really use right now).

But today was no ordinary day due to the awesome postcard we received from the guys in Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin!

Thanks dudes! Love you back.

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Courtney Barnett,
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Courtney Barnett - Avant Gardener


When I was in fifth grade I realized I liked girls but I was like “that’s a problem for another day” and literally forgot about it and then in like eleventh grade I was like “oh my god”

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