Hat nichts zu bedeuten, kostet halt nur Leben

Ich bin Susa,
ich bin 23 Jahre alt und Philosophiestudentin.
Ich mache wahnsinnig dumme Witze,
aber auch grandiose.
Manchmal tanze ich auf Straßen und manchmal bin ich unsichtbar.
Ich schreibe.




Alice. #geostert


i wanna talk about it but i really dont wanna talk about it

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2002: 1/2 jähriger Max. 12 jährige Susa. #tbt

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La Dispute,
Rooms of the House

La Dispute - Extraordinary Dinner Party

I felt ashamed that I’d stayed in my head in the same place for so long. Because I was afraid to change, but that’s not an excuse to stay.


I was curious what the gender neutral equivalent of niece and nephew is so I googled it

it’s nibling

that’s literally the most adorable word I’ve ever heard in my entire life

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If youre my girlfriend then there is absolutely no need to get jealous because im probably obsessed with you

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can she just get an award or something

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It was probably nothing but it felt like the world.
Morrissey, The Smiths 

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oder aber oben ohneeeeee
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SEHR ANONYM, Anna! :D <3


anonymously send me a song lyric that reminds u of me omg

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