Hat nichts zu bedeuten, kostet halt nur Leben

Ich bin Susa,
ich bin 24 Jahre alt und Philosophiestudentin.
Ich mache wahnsinnig dumme Witze,
aber auch grandiose.
Manchmal tanze ich auf Straßen und manchmal bin ich unsichtbar.
Ich schreibe.




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but that the way that it goes:
first you don’t care and than you miss it the most. 

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Tegan and Sara,
Endless Love

Tegan and Sara - Don’t Find Another Love

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Ron Pope featuring Alexz Johnson,
Calling Off The Dogs

Ron Pope featuring Alexz Johnson - Nothing

Fiva - Das Beste ist noch nicht vorbei

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La Dispute,
Rooms of the House

La Dispute - Extraordinary Dinner Party

I felt ashamed that I’d stayed in my head in the same place for so long. Because I was afraid to change, but that’s not an excuse to stay.

Peggy Sue - Watchman

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Peggy Sue,
Body Parts & First Aid


And the rain it came, and the wind it blew
and those tiny little things, they had nowhere else to go
So they lined up along the street
in all the places that I kept putting my feet

Now just one move, one false move
and there will be nothing left to lose

Peggy Sue - Escargot

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Jennifer Rostock,

Jennifer Rostock - Wenn der Wodka zweimal klingelt

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A Day To Remember,
Common Courtesy

A Day To Remember - I’m Already Gone

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The Verve,

The Verve - Love is noise

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Miracle Mile


Starfucker - Say to you

Just press play and fall in love.

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Billie the Vision & the Dancers,
I Was So Unpopular in School and Now They're Giving Me This Beautiful Bicycle

Billie the Vision & the Dancers - Summercat